At Secure All Storage, we offer state of the art security, and friendly, professional staff to advise and help you. We strive to provide ideal self storage solutions to suit your needs.

We really have created a great facility here at Secure All Storage and we’re sure you’ll agree!


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At Spaces, state of the art security, and friendly, professional staff to advise and help you. We strive to provide ideal self storage solutions to suit your needs.

We offer features and benefits that set us apart from other storage facilities.

Here is a list of some of our features, and exactly how they will help you store with us.


  • Make sure that you have the right box for the job. A 4-cubic foot is great for lighter items like blankets, but for books you will want something smaller that does not get as heavy.
  • Labels are essential! Grab a marker so you know where to put things once you are done. So, you can even mark what time with us.
  • Covers to avoid dust. Make sure your mattresses and couches have a cover on them so they don’t get dirty during your move. Treat your fragile items with care! Keep them separate and mark them so you do not stack things on top.

In the Unit

  • Put your bulky, heavy items in the back. Keep the smaller ones you may need to access later at the front.
  • If you are going to need to be in there, make sure to leave yourself a path.
  • Movers are there to make your life easier, but give them directions.
  • Make sure they know where things are going in the unit. Mark your boxes so movers know if they need to be on top and if they need to be in front as you may want to access them later.
  • Couch Tip: If it can stand on its end, it can save you space!

Get creative! Smaller items can go inside dressers, wardrobes or even dryers. Make sure to use the full height of the unit to better utilize the space available in the unit.

What should or should not be stored in a self storage unit?

Self-storage is a great place to put almost anything from your home, business or collectables. We do have a couple exclusions, such as: food, plants and propane tanks. If you have any other questions, shoot us an email right [click here].

Choose the right size self storage unit

Extra space is great, if you need to move around in your unit and access things frequently leaving additional room is usually the wisest, but for most people getting the smallest unit possible based on price works the best. Click to see our size guide [click here].

Monthly Agreements

A monthly agreement means you are never committed to us for the long haul, just use as needed! When you provide good customer services and an outstanding storage facility you don’t need long term contracts.

Other Storage Tips

Whether you’ve got a brand new Vespa or a vintage Harley, when the snow flies, it’s time to find a cozy spot for your “baby” to spend the winter. Self storage facilities like Secure All Storage have become a popular place for winter storage of motorcycles. With low pricing for an individual locker, they offer an affordable choice.

A few tips to consider when putting your bike away for the season.

  • Drain all gas from the tank and the carburetor bowl as well. Old gas can become destabilized, creating tarnish on your pistons when burned and fouling up your fuel injectors. Additionally, today’s ethanol gas mixes can absorb water from condensation. The ethanol water mix then becomes heavier than the gas and settles to the bottom of your gas tank. This is a highly corrosive mixture which can damage the tank and the carburetor or fuel injectors as well!
  • Remove the battery and put on a trickle charger.
  • Wash, wax and lubricate.
  • If you can, lift the bike onto blocks to take the weight off of the tires or, alternatively, chalk and rotate the wheels a quarter turn every month.
  • Cover with a breathable dust cover or even an old sheet or drop-cloth will do.

There are some factors to consider when storing vehicles in public self storage locations in Merritt BC.

  • Before storing it away, give a good wash to your vehicle.
  • To prevent rust on your vehicle we recommend the waxing of your vehicle.
  • Make sure the tires are properly inflated and the suspension components are greased.
  • Ensure that all windows closed and all doors are locked then cover your vehicle with a tarp for a better protection.
  • If you store a trailer or RV, use a “Puck lock” with a hidden shackle. These locks discourage theft and give you superior security.
  • If you store a boat, make sure the motor is properly secured with high security locks.
  • Do not leave any unsecured items or exposed valuable in or around your vehicle.
Self Storage Merritt BC

Logging Trucks – Heavy Equipment Loaded or Empty Hauling Trailers – Ski Boats – Motor homes – Travel Trailers – Work Trucks


Fully fenced with secure gated entry and security camera surveillance 24/7.  You receive a dedicated stall for your boat or RV at $1.75 per foot per month starting at a length of 23 feet. Anything under that is a minimum charge of $40.00 plus GST. A copy of your registration or insurance papers are required for our records. We are no longer storing cars or trucks.